Titans Upset Amaze Media, Titans comeback after being down 18 at halftime

The first game of the 2018 NFL Playoffs seemed all onesided as the Kansas City Chiefs dominated with 3 Touchdowns. Kansas City Quarterback, Alex Smith, hits Travis Kelce for a TD; and additionally, the strong defense from the Chiefs limited the Titans to only scoring a field goal by halftime. Players and spectators felt that this one-sided game would stay one-sided with the Chiefs taking the win; however, with injuries and motivation, the Tennessee Titans would return strong. Titan’s Quarterback, Marcus Mariota, throws a TD to Derrick Henry, while Titan’s defense stays strong. With solid offense from the Tennessee team, another touchdown is in view. A crucial touchdown would put the Titans back in the game with only a quarter of the game remaining. QB Mariota is close to the goal line in what is known as the red zone; however, with no open receivers, he takes matters into his own hands. He goes for a scramble in hopes of a TD pass, and when he throws the pass, it gets deflected and the football ends up back in his own hands. While both teams were in shock, the Mariota dives in to score the much needed TD. With one more TD from Eric Decker, the Titans regain control of the game with their first lead with about 6 minutes 6 seconds left in the game. With incredible plays from Marcus Mariota and a bit of luck as well, they came back to win a playoff game that did not look in their favor. This game, one of just a few, was a comeback when down by over 18 at halftime, and although difficult, it shows that hard fought comebacks are not impossible.