President Trump

President Trump, a former business person, that owned his own hotel chain, owned a television network, and owned his own university. Recently he decided to run in the Republican primary election, where he won the nomination by saying random information that was not scientific and frankly not ethical as well. On top of that, Mike Pence won the Vice President nomination and the duo ran in the 2016 Presidential Election. Many news networks viewed them as the underdogs, saying that Democratic nominees Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine were more likely going to win the President and Vice President spots. However, through inaccurate polling, President Trump won key victories in the battleground states of Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. After becoming the president, the news and the media reported that his first one hundred days were purely ineffective and that he was taking too many vacations playing golf. However, many believe that as a result of him winning the presidency, the economy is experiencing a bull market and the stock market therefore is doing very well. After his first one hundred days, he then repealed Obama Care ,and also signed a bill repealing Net Neutrality. His reasoning for repealing Obama Care was that Obama Care raised the premiums for health insurance; however, with no backup replacement plan, health coverage would be even harder to get than before. Many replacement plans have been attempted; however, none of them passed partly because President Trump is unwilling to work with Democrats to form a new solution.